Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Indonesia negara contoh Demokrasi muslim moderate- Anwar Ibrahim


First Gay Parade in Indonesia. Now, do you think you will ever see this in Malaysia? I wonder what is Pakatan Rakyat’s stand on this. I am sure there will be a million conflicting views.

May 17 was International Day Against Homophobia. Our Indonesia sisters and brothers took to the streets in Jakarta to say No against homophobia, lesbophobia and tranphobia, as these prejudices can be so thick that those holding them become irrational towards the gay community.

Are you homophobic, lesbophobic or transphobic? Go on reading.

Gay rights are human rights. If you believe in freedom of religion and belief, if you believe in human rights, you would allow them their place on earth.

In Indonesia, the Ardhanary Institute (Women LBT Reserch, Publishes and Advocacy Centre) and the Indonesian Coalition of Women LGBT Rights are formost in raising this controversial issue at the national and international level.

It would be interesting to see the day when even men come out in support of gay women rights in Malaysia.

* di petik dari blog Susan Looone - Susan merupakan wartawan bebas berpangkalan di Bangkok dan merupakan aktvis human right bersama Dr Phonthip Rojanasunand, terlibat memburukan Perdana Menteri Malaysia dengan isu Altantunya di luar negeri. Arnaud Dubus wartawan yang mengaitkan Dato Seri Najib dengan Altantunya juga merupakan kenalannya di Bangkok.

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